Backups stopped after installing CBT client 2.2.11

After purchasing CBT, I went to installing it on the client. The installation said that another client is already present and should be uninstalled first. In the Windows uninstallation screen I found 2 clients installed and removed them. Then the CBT client installed successfully.

The problem was that all the settings were cleared! I filled them in manually, set the correct client name and internet password, but no backups are running anymore.

The client status window says “Connected to Internet server”, however on the server the client is listed as offline. Trying to manually initiate a backup fails (“Starting backup failed”).



Hi MrBates, does it show anything in the logs of the client or the server?

The client is connected to the internet server, but the server doesn’t see the client anymore? And starting a backup from the client itself also does nothing?

The client log says:

Was able to fix it by restoring the server_idents.txt file from a backup I made of the client directory before uninstalling (lucky!).

Thanks @MWubbema!

No problem, great you managed to work it out :slight_smile: