Backups are very slow over network

Seems that all my backups are very slow. Is there away to make them faster.

Are you doing local or internet backups?

Local, I have a NAS I save the backup to on the network.

if it is local then are you using wifi or Lan connection? I have no issues backing up locally what speeds are you getting from your nic and what type of equipment are you using 10/100 or 100/1000 mbps? if you can list your networking equipment I maybe able to tell you why it is slow.

MY connection is a lan and we have 10/100 nic and switches and routers are 100/1000. It took me 16 hours to back up 29 gb. If you can tell me anything I can tweak I would be grateful.

It might be your switches even though you have high speeds from your router the data from switch to the computers are only doing 10mbps which is slow in it self for backup if your router has multiple ports plug in the urback up server to the router and one of the workstations assign the ips by dhcp or static then run a backup over the routers lan and see if it is any better. That will then tell you if it is indeed your switch.