Backups are not being created

Hi. I’m working with urbackup 2.0.36 client.
I deployed it to some laptops and it installed well. The web interface recognizes most of the clients, but only a few of them are being backed up. Most of them show a messsage “No recent backup”.
I browse to the folder where all the backups are created and there is only a folder with the client name for each laptop recognized by urbackup server, but it is empty.
When i try to “force” the backup from the menu: (Incremental file backup or Full file backup)

i can see a folder created with the current date and time, but after 10 sec it dissapears and no backup is made.

Has anyone been struggling with this issue too?

Can you check the logs on server and client after you force a backup and see if there are any errors?

Thanks for your replay, it was very helpful. The problem was i didn’t set the default folders to be backed up