Backups are made every 5 hours even when set to 1 hour gap

I got a server running on Linux mint, and multiple internet linux clients connected to it. I have set my incremental backup rate to one hour, yet when it passed, no client backup started. It’s been 2 hours now, and still nothing. Restarting didn’t change it.

The backup status is also shown as “Ok”, when it shouldn’t be. Any help debuging it?

Manual backups does work, Internet usage limit is set to 0, and all the clients should be connected as internet clients (Currently they are on the same local network, but will be separated in the future)

Bad cropping, sorry

Update: After setting it back to 5 hours, the first two clients have automatically backed up after 5 hours.
I reverted the setting to 1 hours, and I’ll see if the last client trigger after 5 hours have passed

I’d still prefer it triggering every two hours tho

I set my backup rate to 1 hour overnight, and Urbackup only backup every 5 hours (See client “Imaginary tree”. Zephinux was offline, and is backing up fine due to it being over 5 hours)

So… is it a bug with Urbackup?

I’ve seen something similar before where the client doesn’t download / update its settings when they change on the server. In our case on Windows systems, if we change settings (intervals, file exclusions etc) we have to re-install the client to get it to re-download the new settings.

Aight. Found the issue.
I set the global settings to 1 hour, created a group “Linux Machines” that inherit that property, then put my machine into that group.

Except, even if it’s show that the group setting is set to 1 hour, it’s actually set to 5 hours. You need to manually overwrite the group setting for it to work