Backup won't start

I managed to install the Linux client on the server. The web ui is far from intuitive - you can’t download the client from the web interface unless it’s already an existing client. I added a client manually but it’s an internet client? I added an internet client manually even though it’s locally connected. Maybe I should have used the hostname/ip hint instead?

Anyway, got the client installed and says it’s connected. No tray/gui version of the client and the server web interface does nothing: make a change, confusing options: C drive for a Linux client (really?). No options in the web ui for symbolic links or one filesystem etc. I start a backup - full file, incremental file etc. Nothing happens.

I mess with urbackupclientctl

urbackupclientctl add-backupdir
Required argument missing: path

So of course I try: urbackupclientctl add-backupdir /blah
Again an error. How about printing a meaningful error? The error should print:

urbackupclientctl add-backupdir
Required argument missing: -d path

And why does the help show -p ? It should read -p

Eventually get a directory added.
/home home symlinks_optional,one_filesystem,share_hashes

The backup starts and shows 2 TB for a 20 GB directory. I’m worried about that so I cancel it and double check things. I let it go again and it still says 2TB. I let it finish and I’m relieved it’s only 20GB.

Now I have more confidence and add some more directories:
/etc etc symlinks_optional,one_filesystem,share_hashes
/var/lib/docker docker symlinks_optional,one_filesystem,share_hashes

I start a backup from the web ui - nothing happens. Web ui doesn’t show anything from the client either.

The client is online, status is OK, last seen is current. Using LVM snapshots and they seem to be created and removed properly from the last full file backup.

I try starting manual full backup from the command line and it times out. Same with incremental

urbackupclientctl start -f
Waiting for server to start backup… done
Timeout while waiting for server to start backup

Nothing in the logs except the last successful backup. Live log updates every five minutes or so about image backups - nothing about my file backup.

04/03/21 09:41 DEBUG Cannot do image backup because can_backup_images=false
04/03/21 09:41 DEBUG Cannot do image backup because internet_no_images=true