Backup windows (schedules) not working correctly


I’ve a problem with the backup windows definitions.

Some details abount the currently running job
As you can see on screenshot a incremental image backup job started at 24.09.2016 01:39 (see output of “show log Button” placed in right upper corner).

My problem:
In the client definitions the “Backup windows for incremental file backups” are set to “Mon-Fri/0-1,21-24”.
For me this means its valid to start jobs beetween the following time windows:
Monday: 00-01
Monday: 21-24
Tuesday: 00-01
Tuesday: 21-24

Friday: 00-01
Friday: 21-24

Why is this Job started an 24.09.2016 01:39? (I using a german timezone; The 24.09 is a Saturday)

Some details abount my system:

  • I’am running ubuntu linux
    Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-34-generic x86_64)

  • Here is my timezone.
    root@ubuntu:~# date
    Sat Sep 24 08:08:35 CEST 2016
    root@ubuntu:~# cat /etc/timezone

  • Versions of the Software
    Urbackup Server 2.0.33
    Urbackup Client 2.0.31

I think the cause is that you have multiple volumes and it queues the volumes during the backup window, but at the time it starts the backup of D it is outside of the window.

Will be fixed by adding another queck for the window when starting queued backups.

Thanks for your quick answer!

This would also explain why at 21.09.2016 incremental image backups started at 01:21, 03:52, 03:58 (see bottom of the screenshot). This is also outside of the backup window.

If you need any logfiles or something else let me know!