Backup Window Suggestion

I have a client who’s internet connection is just ‘ok’. For this reason the server backup window is during the evening.
Once a month the office server runs an image backup that takes so long, about 16hrs, it completely screws their office internet for the following day.

I can overcome this issue by backing up at the weekend but this risks losing a weeks work.
Is it possible to have separate file and image backup windows? That way I can continue to use the file backup all week and schedule image backups for Friday night onwards…


Click on “Show details” on the right on the server web interface.

I’d suggest limiting bandwidth, though. You can use windows and percentages while limiting bandwidth, so you could e.g. say that it should only use 10% of available bandwidth on weekdays.

Thanks for the very prompt reply.

Am I misunderstanding something or is this just spam?

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