Backup Website or websites

Hello All,

My Goal: Backup Website

I was trying to backup website, I’m was assuming if it’s possible to backup websites as urbackup has option to backup client from internet.

I know urbackup doesn’t support ftp, is there anything else I can try…?

Many Thanks

UrBackup is a client-server system, which means the system being backed up has to run the client program to communicate with the server program. Can you install the client program on the host computer for the website you want to back up? If so, look at the UrBackup documentation for help installing the correct client and selecting the files to back up.

If not, then you’ll need a different solution.

Urbackup is amazing but yeah I’ll have to try a different option.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

depending on your OS, you can mount FTP as a drive and backup that way with UrBackup

…having said that, duplicati might be a better option for you that way you don’t need a “server”