Backup was fast at first, then slowed down

Setup the server, installed the client on my workstation, set a single folder (Pictures) of around 5 gigs to backup, it went smoothly and quickly. Next day added 1.5 gig folder (Desktop) and the speed is horrendous, suggesting it will take “2 days 20 hours 47 minutes” to complete. I ran a 20 gig backup over the internet that finished quickly. The server is barely working, no reason for a LAN connection to be slow that I can see.
Any ideas?

Suggestion one:
Wait a bit to see how it actually progresses, I often see ETA figures in weeks at the start of backups that take at most hours to complete, it’s really hard to compute accurate ETA figures, especially early in a complex process with many steps.

Search the forum, there are quite a few threads about slow backup, it’s often either network related, or even that the backup got inadvertently paused.

You seem to already have a server+client version where it says paused if the client is paused. So you should un-pause the client (click on continue).

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Does something pause clients automatically? Such as changing the folder list?

Quitting the tray icon or clicking on pause.

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