Backup values Created / Last Modified / ... are empty

Hello @all,

today i updated our Urbackup server from V1.4.14 to V2.0.30 (Relase Version) / Clients are on V1.4.11. Urbackup server is installed on a Win2008R2 maschine.

After a few (full) backups i noticed, that the fields Created, Last Modified, … in backups all have empty values:

I see this behaviour on all backups and all backup points. All backuped machines are Win7Pro 64bit.

Does Urbackup calculate these values at night? Is there anyone else who can confirm this behaviour?


This only works in connection with a 2.0.x client

OK, thanks for the info.

Meanwhile all clients have updated to 2.0.29. After that i can see partial infos in the Create / Last modified fields.


That’s probably the files/directories that have changed. Run a full backup to completely fill it in.

After a full backup (with Client V2.0.29) all fields are updated with time stamps…