Backup URbackup windows server to Another Server

I have Urbackup server running on windows 10. The file store is on the local windows 10 urbackup server. I want to be able to backup the file store to another PC that will be on the local network so that I have a second backup in case the first server fails. The other PC will be in the building next door so I can protect from fire and theft. Could I just install the URbackup client on the windows server and then backup to another server. I’m thinking of doing the backup as an image of the volume holding the file store.

What would be the best OS and file system on the second server?

I am loving urbackup and this is the only problem that is keeping me up at night!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Yes, image backup is a good idea. If you want to avoid full image backups (store everything at least twice) and want to store more than 2TB (vhd file format limitation) you should use FreeBSD/Linux with ZFS or btrfs with cow-raw images.

Thank you very much for the reply. I think I will setup a Freenas server as that uses ZFS. Much appreciated!

Be aware that the usual jail setup does not allow this (no dataset creation in jail). The way I have found it works is to compile it in a jail and then run it in directly in FreeNAS. That is a bit advanced, though. (That’s why I said FreeBSD and not FreeNAS :wink: )