Backup - Urbackup Server?

I have just install a new Urbackup Serveur on a RPI4

All my clients Backup Works fine.

But i ask a question .
How can i backup my urbackup server ??

If my SD Card on RPI4 is broken how can i restore all without reconfiguring all my settings??

I see there already have a database backup in backup folder.
Seems to be automatic2019-11-13%2000_30_07-Window

The files in the urbackup folder are part of urbackup itself and its management of the backups. No backups are held here (though their management items, e.g. backup_server.db, are. The backups are held in folders, one per client, a level higher, alongside the urbackup folder.

My recommendation (and my practice) is to install urbackup server on the client you want to hold the main server backup and then urbackup client on the main server.

this is the urbackup backup folder (copy this one in case of problem) :

This is where all backups are (incluing urbackup)

this is where the live settings are (you can see it s the same files that in urbackup)

in case you have doubts , look at the doc or the upgrade procedure , it will say wich folder to restore in case an upgarde gone wrong