Backup up multiple disks from same computer / source at the same time

Hi all!
I’m happy to use URBACKUP it’s definitely an excellent product! :slight_smile:

I changed my system today and I’m trying to backup a computer with many drives (12HDD) : I need to backup data from each of these sources.

I created a strong computer with 30To and many drives also (OMV / URBACKUP / UNION FILESYSTEMS) in order to have a common repository for all backups.

But when I’m launching the 1st backup, URBACKUP seems to backup drive by drive… it’s good but it’ll take many days (even speed written on URBACKUP is near 600Mbs!).

Is there any configuration to have URBACKUP launching a backup simultaneously for each of these drive from the same source??? ( disk D: disk E: disk F: etc… from same ‘datacenter’ IP / computer)

Thanks for your feedback!

PS: I know URBACKUP can backup at the same time multiple computers but I’ve no clue about backuping many sources from SAME computer at the same time.

For file backup look at virtual clients, for image backups increase “Maximum number of simultaneous jobs per client” in the advanced settings.

Thanks Martin [ @uroni ] for this info! :slight_smile:

I’ve enable to 5 simultaneous jobs per client but there’s no change at this time (backup process was running since hours now - it’s written 14h needed for 3.5To @ 585Mbit/s appr.)

May I need to restart everything or wait some time??? any idea? how to check if the parameters are correctly applied by URBACKUP?

ok I answer to myself because it may help others also.

My target was to enhance the backup time of one server having many disk drives.
Using standard configuration URBACKUP is showing many days to perform 1st backup … :frowning:

So thanks to @uroni pushing me the virtual client name… (never read about this before and the doc is short on this topic unfortunately - but it’s understandable! :slight_smile:

I then created 3 virtual clients linked to my initial client (titled DATACENTER)
First error I wrote virtual1, virtual2 etc… on virtual clients: it created a unique client with all the name because you should use a PIPE ( | ) between names.

As soon as virtual client are created, they’re working … with bad parameters because each one is trying to backup same content… it’s weird!

So I stopped everything and then I force a remove of those bad virtual client names by first deleting through GUI and then deleting thanks to command: urbackupsrv remove-unknown

I then created new good virtual client with good parameters. Each client working on a unique disk drive on the DATACENTER client.

It’s working. It’s working fine! Having each virtual client working at 300/400Mbit/s it’s really good! (sometimes this number decrease because it’s linked to number & size of files certainly).

At this time I’m not sure if the 15H of backuping 3To with one client will be longer or not regarding those virtual clients… I’ll check and tell you soon.

By the way keep on good work Martin :slight_smile: