Backup totals dont match statistics

Hi, i have a client which had ERRORS, it ran a full file backup and then failed, then i noticed it continued that back up later.

So in Backups i have a few totaling 19.76Gb, the statistics however list it as 141.03Gb, which is about right… so what happened to the first full back up? i have no idea if its all there unless i did a total restore…

Already posted here After deleting inc and full file backup wrong size of last full file backup

Is there a conclusion to this post (the other one I mean). Does the cleanup process resolve these issues or is a new fresh backup required to bring everything back into balance?

Cleanup doesnt seem to fix it, not sure about a new backup, my full file is every 7 days, so will find out in under a week. I saw the original backup happen, it failed (due to some files it was unable to read, we excluded them), it then attempted to “continue”, it appears it took the size from the continued backup as the full amount.

I do not see a deletion event for all the data that was collected first time around so guess it took the original amount added the continued just didnt show that in the restore but did show in the statistics.

There is a “Recalculate statistics” button.

Those statistics take into account deduplication (between different clients). The calculation is a bit difficult. Perhaps don’t worry too much if they are wrong?

Especially if you have resumed full backups (after an error) it might not carry over the size correctly.

hummm, would it possible to have 2 sets of statistics, a “real” stored one so we can manage the real drive space (this would also be nice to see on the Status page so we know if the real drive space is getting low), then another set of statistics that show the client stored data that would be virtual as it would count the de-duplicated data

The above being said, the original image cant be correct, 150Gb sounds right but a first full back up below 5Gb to resolve in 160Gb of data?