Backup to Internet and Local servers.. different settings?

I have a cloud-based urbackup server that does image backups of clients at multiple locations. It works GREAT! At one location, I am setting up a local urbackup server that will basically act as an onsite BDR for the company server. I’m able to get the client to connect to both servers by adding the server auth key to the client. The issue appears to be this, unless i’m mistaken- the client doesn’t know which server to get the settings from.

How do I use different settings on each urbackup server? Is that possible? For example: image backups every 2 days to the internet server and image backups every .5 days.

That works, you need to properly set the internet server in both the local and internet server.
Else the client reconfigure itself when connecting to local server and if the server doesn’t contain the internet server ip, the client will forget about it.

Hi orogor, thanks for the reply. So the settings, except for internet server settings, can be different on both servers without interfering?

That does make sense as it is the server that commands the backup to start, and not the client.


For files it works ok, as for images , i dont really use images.
So just set it , test and report errors