Backup to different directories/disks?

Is it possible to define more than one directory as backup? Or even better depending on which directory you backup on the client to backup it to a different directory on the server?

Background: I’m doing a backup of one server (1) to another server (2). Have films, music, fotos on different disks on server (1). As such a backup just onto 1 disk does not work as too large. Therefore I would like to backup to different disks depending on the source.

Any idea?


On linux : use LVM on the urbackup server to get a single bigger disk. where all backups will fit
Else i think only two different instances of urbackup would work

Because of the way the dedup is made, all the backup have to be on the same partition (you d get the same restriction from any backup software that support dedup)

Hm, that’s an idea. Could I run 2 backup server on the same machine? And then 2 clients on the other server? Anybody tried this?

Try with 2 server, one client. Do not set clientside settings.Maybe do not setup a VM but look for a urbackup docker.
Personally i wouldn’t backup movies and music. OR if you really want to just rsync or robocopy them.