Backup time difference

I noticed a bug i think. In my server installation when you click on Backups in upper menu the backup time is always 1 hour earlier than let’s say in Activities.

Seems to not correct the time zone at “Backups”. Corrected. Thanks for the hint!

No problem!
Happy to help this great project :D.

I found two another problems i think, and i didn’t want to start a new thread. My backup setup is:

Interval for incremental file backups: -1 hours
Interval for full file backups: 1 days
Maximal number of incremental file backups: 0
Minimal number of incremental file backups: 0
Maximal number of full file backups: 2
Minimal number of full file backups: 2

I disabled incremental backup just as you said (set it to -1) and it’s working OK, but i have few Incremental backups and with this setup it doesn’t delete them. They are still in “Backup” tab (probably because setting -1). And the second problem is that with this setup in status tab “File backup status” is always showing “No recent backups” (the color is always red) what is not true, because last full backup is not older than a day. My guess is that it’s not checking full backup, only incremental backup (and i don’t have any incremental backups with those clients).

Please, can you help me with that?

Yes, that’s something that needs fixing. Some people want a setting with which you can change when it goes red. Currently it is three times the incremental/full interval, i.e., -3 in your case.