Backup "System Reserved" and C: - but not D: etc

Hello everybody,

is there a setting to enable Backup of the Partitions containing the windows system and startup-files (“System Reserved” and “C:”) but NOT backing up the Data-Partitions e.g. D:, E:, etc.?
I do want to do File-Backups for Data but Image-Backups to be able to restore the OS just in case.
I´ve got no idea how I can exclude Drives from Image Backup.

Thank you very much for your help.
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Change “Volumes to backup” from ALL to a comma separated list of the drive letters you want eg C,D,E

Info from the FAQ

Thank you for your help.
I knew this from the Faq.
My Problem is that “System Volume” does not have a drive letter assigned.
Otherwise it would have been easy.
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On the clients I have where I’ve excluded D or M that way the system reserved and the EFI boot partition get backed up according to the logs and the backups that appear.

Sounds good.
How can I exclude a drive letter from Image Backup?
I only knew I could exclude paths from file backup.

I linked directly to the answer to that in my last post, just specify the drive letters you want, and leave out the ones you don’t, there are some limitations to UrBackup’s imaging capabilities, but it’ll do what you’re after as I understand what you want.

I have a couple of machines where I want to image a drive complete with either Linux or unmounted Veracrypt volumes included without shutting down Windows, for those cases I use Macrium Reflect since it allows specifying partitions with no letter, or unrecognized file systems, even if it has to be set to copy all sectors blindly in the last case. Maybe I’ll post a feature request sometime.

Sorry for beeing not very precise in my question at first. But your link does not answer my question.
I can not exclude a drive letter by “not including it in a list of other drive letters”. I do not want to specify the drive letters i want, i would like to specify those I do not want. Or to specify those I want and add some volumes without drive letters.
I want to do Image Backups of certain volumes. Not all of them (e.g. “System Volume”) do have drive letters.
I want to NOT do Image Backups of certain other volumes. (maybe fortunately) all of those do have drive letters.
None of them is a volume the OS running urbackup client does not know about. I run Windows 10 and urbackup client on top of it. None of the volumes on my machines is linux-based or otherwise “unknown” to Windows 10.
So to be more precise this time:
Is there a way to do image backups of several volumes, not all of them having drive letters - or if not is it possible to exclude certain drive letters from image backup (not by “not including them in a list of drive letters” but to explicitly telling urbackup do backup "all volumes except from D:, E:, F:, …)?
By specifying to do image backups of “all” volumes, even those without drive letters are being backuped. But then everything else is going to be - and this is what I do not want.

Have you actually tried specifying the volumes you want ignoring the non-hidden non-letter-specified volumes and seeing what happens I believe you’ll find that actually doing so, then actually waiting to see what the result is will archive the result you appear to want… if you have and still have a problem I don’t know what to suggest or not… I’m afraid to say you’ll have to wait for one of the program devs. to respond (if they do)
I damned well KNOW what you want isn’t what an accurate interpretation of the DOCUMENTATION says will happen but my EXPERIENCE from doing what I’ve said suggests that TRYING will actually result in what you want! You can’t exclude system reserved or efi EVEN EXPLICITLY (though fuck knows why you’d want to you’re not forced to restore them)no matter what you do! The docs just don’t say they wiill be no matter what you specify As far as I can see there is actually NO WAY TO AVOID those partitions being imaged even if you WANTED them to be… ( I haven’t tried omitting C:) other than disabling disk imaging completely.
@Uroni tends not to respond to stuff he thinks the administration manual explains accurately regardless if the English involved does or not .I don’t think @Uroni’s first language is English (judging by what I’ve observed), and there are a number of minor errors in the docs as a result.
Frankly disk imaging config is a MESS

OK, I tried it - and you are very right. Thank you for the explanation.
Sorry that it didn´t come to my mind that volumes without drive letter would be always included in the image-backup.
You are very right in your statement regarding documentation and disk imaging config - but given the fact that I get to use such a great piece of software - and even for free - I do not want to say anything or upset anybody.
Thanks again for your great help - I would have never tried this without it.
Best regards

I don’t want to upset anyone either, and for that reason I apologise for becoming impatient in my replies.

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help and the great piece of software.
I just did a System-Restore from image backup and it worked perfectly - including system_volume.
Before, several attempts using the Windows Server Essentials Client restore feature failed.
Urbackup succeeded in the first run!