Backup storage path to UNC path / CIFS share

Hi there,

at first: I test UrBackup and find it a great idea how it works.

I have a big NetApp here and want to let UrBackup save it´s backups there since it can deduplicate and compress (saves about 50% or more with VMs, so I guess it also does here). But every time I tried to use a UNC path to a CIFS share in “Backup storage path”, the server states it cannot access. Is it a bug or do I have to use local drives anyway?

Best regards, Jochen

Yes. This is a limitation. It is fixed in the new version

if possible, it also works if you map the network share to a drive name.

Do I have to change user credentials in UrBackup service to any that have access to the share and restart the service? Or how does that work?
afaik mapped network drives are user settings. Since UrBackup runs as a service with credentials of local system I have no idea how to give it a mapped network drive. Also if I change user credentials in service I don´t know if that would work… So I think UNC path is better…

Hmm I don’t know. It would be connected to the User SYSTEM right?

The server version above should be stable, if you don’t use the Internet mode.

( I’m prepending \? to all paths in the old version. UNC paths are then \?\servername\share which does obviously not work. The \? is prepended to support file paths longer than 255 symbols)

I tested UNC path and it works.

As I guessed: you have to change the credentials, under which the server service runs, to any, that have full access to the network drive.

I did not test mapped network drive since I have no need for any longer now :-)

I now realized, that if I use NetApp CIFS share as storage destination, the server is unable to create the symlink “current” for file backups. I don´t know if this is a problem of UrBackup or this is behaviour by design by CIFS/NetApp. Do you know?

The CIFS share might not have that capability. You could test that with mklink (e.g. )

Backup destination to NAS working for me. synology nas drive support urbackup. i just enabled net-backup option.Then i added credentials to service. then its start working for me

It works here too, but i always get an error about snapshots… Sound obvious to me, but it might be good to be able to disable VSS for those backup sources… My logs are a little dirty since then…