Backup still running during restore

I had a hard disk signal it was failing. SMART errors. It was spotted in my urbackup logs. Nice.

I was attempting one last backup but it stalled out and failing to read a file meant the backup did not complete.

New hard drive arrives to swap for the failed one.

Qu 1\ How do you STOP a backup like that?

I tried to pause it, I tried to hit the STOP button in the GUI. But it seemed stuck with that file read.

I shut down PC, swapped drive, and started the restore of the drive from the last good backup.

BUT… while doing this the other backup resumed and ran to “completion” during the restore process. So it “backed up” the first few hundred files that were restored. This means there is now a duff backup which is missing 95% of the content of that drive.

Qu 2\ Can I remove this bad backup from the set?

Qu 3\ Most importantly my shorter question is - When doing a RESTORE is there a way to simply tell Urbackup to cease all backups of that drive during the restore process?

On a side note, last time I had a drive failed I stopped the backups running by disabling them in the GUI days before the replacement drive arrived. This did the trick that time. Only problem is it was nine months before I realised I had not restarted them :fearful:.