Backup status is wrong (or not ?)

I have added some Internet clients with python urbackup api and they displays wrong backup status (No recent backup):

Backups are created well (I hope), but statuses seem strange.
How can I figure out what’s going on? How to fix the statuses?

Log for one of the issued clients:
Info 07.12.21 10:54 Waiting for file hashing and copying threads…
Info 07.12.21 10:55 Writing new file list…
Info 07.12.21 10:55 All metadata was present
Info 07.12.21 10:55 Number of re-added file entries is 89
Info 07.12.21 10:55 Transferred 676.456 KB - Average speed: 25.704 KBit/s
Info 07.12.21 10:55 (Before compression: 2.48546 MB ratio: 3.76242)
Info 07.12.21 10:55 Time taken for backing up client pc18: 6m 32s
Info 07.12.21 10:55 Backup succeeded

python API get_client_status returns the following:

    'client_version_string': '2.4.11',
    'delete_pending': '',
    'file_ok': False,
    'groupname': '',
    'id': 16,
    'image_disabled': True,
    'image_ok': False,
    'ip': '',
    'last_filebackup_issues': 0,
    'lastbackup': 1638863437,
    'lastbackup_image': 0,
    'lastseen': 1638866450,
    'name': 'pc18',
    'online': True,
    'os_simple': 'linux',
    'os_version_string': 'Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch); Kernel 4.9.0-5-amd64 x86_64',
    'processes': [],
    'status': 0

Ok, I got clue what’s wrong with those clients.
All the clients downloaded install script from url:
http://{{ urbackup_server }}:55414/x?a=download_client&lang=en&clientid={{ client_id }}&authkey={{ client_authkey }}&os=linux

With such url installer does not contain a string
in initial_config.cfg

So, two questions.
What the access_keys are needed for if client can connect without its?
And second, how to make automatic client installation? I do not want to install python with python API wrapper to each client and moreover, I do not want to provide login/pass for WebUI to each client.

Hi. I don’t know your use case, but maybe generating silent, pre-configured installer for each client will do for you?

for each client? No, it’s even worse than “download client” from WebUI. It’s impossible to do it automatic

OK just to clarify, by automatic you mean managed deployment for example Ansible? Or silent, like user double clicks something and gets UrBackup client installed without any further interaction.

I mean ansible.
I have a playbook that creates new clients on Server, make some server changes and also installs clients on client’s PCs. All I need it’s add desired clients in inventory file.

I have added some clients with the playbook and then have noticed the backup status issue and now I am not sure if I can still use the playbook for adding more clients.
Everything looks well, except backup status. Server make backups, I can look and restore it. But what will it threaten me in the future?

I did

urbackupsrv repair-database
urbackupsrv remove-unknown 

And now statuses are OK!

i have the exact same problem with one difference , after i do urbackupsrv repair-database
urbackupsrv remove-unknown it fixed the problem for like half a minute if i refresh the website the problem is back … ? any ideas