Backup status for each drive


I wrote a Check_MK plugin for Urbackup (

The plugin uses the API-wrapper to get the status of all hosts (

My current problem is that the API reports only the status of the host. If a host has multiple drives attached (maybe c:,d:,e:,f:,g:) the api returns OK if only one image backup (e.g. c:) succeeded.
The problem: It’s possible that only one drive is backuped and all the other drive never gets backuped and the host is reported as OK.

How can i query the status of each drive letter configured in Urbackup for a host?


Currently you could either put all the volumes into a group so they either succeed or fail together, or extent the wrapper to return backup information and manually check if there was a recent image backup.

Getting backups: Call action “backups” with clientid=[id]