Backup Server rebuilt. How to get clients to use it?

I had to rebuild my URBackup server on a different machine. I managed to get the server started, and configured to use the backup folder with existing backups.

It can see the clients. However, only the win2003 client actually connected and backed itself up. It prompted with “new backup server found. click to use”

The other clients just tell me they can’t connect.They are win 7, and are using the same client (1.4.7 is installed on every client)

From the backupserver, i selected each client and clicked start incremental backup. The win7 machines all reported “starting backup failed”. there is nothing in the server logs, client logs, or the windows event logs

Is there some steps that should force the clients to see and use the new backup server?


Are all the Windows 7 systems on the local network? Are any of them connecting through the internet? In either case, it sounds like something is missing or misconfigured in the clients. Have you tried generating a new client installation from the server?

They are all on the local network, though 2 are via wifi and 3 via cable.
Only the win2003 prompted for the new back up server, but this one generated an updated server_idents.txt file.

I have now fixed the others by:

  1. stop client service.
  2. copy the server_idents.txt file from the win2003 machine into the urbackup client install and over-write the one already there
  3. restart the client service.

At this point the win7 machine agrees there are 2 backup servers, and uses both.


For other people having this problem: The problem and solution is described here:

You can confirm that you have this issue if you show the “Status” column on the status screen.