Backup Server moved to New server then i need to install client again?

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i moved new server with new ip address so i have install client indivitualy again

I would say no, but I am not sure.

The server and clients both use a key, and I would assume that if the IP on the server was changed and the client sent out a broadcast that it would find the server with the same key.

However, if you “moved” from an old server to a new server – either using a completely new box, or reinstalling the program – will lose that key and you will have to reinstall all clients, or change their key.


To migrate your server you just have to move all urbackup (program folder) files to your new Server - inside the installation Path. >>THEN<< install the Server on the new Machine.

That way everything remains as it was. (Clients, Backup Histroy, Settings etc.)
To just keep the clients you have to, at least, migrate the Server identity files.

Hi, i have an old windows server with UrBackup Server and want to migrate it to a newer windows server.
If i correctly understand:

  1. install a new windows server
  2. copy from the old current server UrBackupServer (c:\program files\ UrBackupServer) to the same path into the new server
  3. install UrBackup into new server

To keep clients, how can I migrate Server identity files?

Thank you