Backup runs automatically

Hi, I’ve tried for the first time this product and seems quite good and easy. My only question is that, why is that whenever a client is detected or the client detects the server, it automatically runs an image and full file backup?

Is there a default settings besides declaring the path for backup. Is there a default settings not to run this automatically? or a setting to just select file backup instead of including the system files of the OS, etc.

I tried to test a single folder which is a SCCM server. What urbackup did is besides backing up the file, it also backup the mssql components, I had to uncheck it to ensure it doesnt include. Next is the system files which is normally included in OS installation, the 350MB for Win8 and 500MB for Win10, I dont want that to be included as well automatically, I had to stop the auto backup and do the file size backup manually.

BTW, the urbackup server is Windows Server 2012 R2


The easiest way to remedy this with the current tools, is to disable images and files on the global setting. Then create separate settings for either the individual clients or client groups.

Yes, I think I’ve already found the global settings recently, just wasn’t able to update the thread, it now runs only file backup, the image backup is disabled.

So you were saying that I can have individual profiles for backups of my servers?



In about the same place you disabled the global settings there should be a drop-down box to select a client; once you have selected this client, you can enable separate client settings which will allow you to tune your single clients.

You can also group clients together, so you can apply a broad template to your whole group - such as, if they are servers you only do image backups and workstations only get file backups; HR only gets their files backed up and Finance gets everything backed up; your global has no backups at all, and all the ones you have grouped perform the backups; etcetera.