Backup prefilebackup script

Hallo, i am using an prefilebackup script which runs several tasks, depending on the server (database dump, gitlab dump, …). I expected that if this script returns an errorcode different “0” backup status will be set to failed, (or NOK or a similar state). Since status was always “OK” i read the docs more carefully and recognized that “Indexing fails” and “Backup wont start” occurs, so in the webinterface the status will be always “OK” if the “postfilebackup” script returns zero.
In my opinion this is a very strange and dangerous behaviour because on the status page everything seams to be OK since the dumps did not finish.
May i am wrong then please correct me or tell me how to configure urbackup to set the status != “OK” if the prefilebackup script fails.
Version is 2.2.8 on Ubuntu 16.04, client version is v2.2.4.0.

I am very suprised that this behavior does not matter anybody else, i think it is a fundamental issue. I read my posting once more since i got no reply and i saw i had an error, i meant that the status in the Webinterface is still “OK” although the return code of the prefilebackup script is non zero and Backup was aborted.
According to the docs this only occurs with the prefilebackup script, if an other script returns an exitcode other than “0” the Backup will fail, very strange.

You’ll simply have to wait till the configured amount of time has passed. Then it will have a not ok status.

Thanks for the hint!! Works as expected!