Backup Portainer Client to Unraid Server

Hi all,

New to Urbackup. I have gotten my W11 machine to back up now to my Unraid server and that is working great. Now I have moved onto backing up my Portainer mini server to my Unraid and I can’t seem to locate any good docker yaml’s to do this. The only one I have been able to find it the one below, but as you can see below this looks to be wanting to back up to a cloud location, but in my instance this is just my locate server. Any thought would be helpful

Portainer example yaml:

version: ‘2’

image: uroni/urbackup-client:latest
container_name: urbackup-client
- TZ=America/NewYork # Enter your timezone
- URBACKUP_CLIENT_NAME=exampleclientname
- /path/to/backup:/backup