Backup path issue (picking up other dirs)

Right now I have set “Default directories to back up” to 2 paths: C:\Users\User1\Desktop;C:\Users\User1\Documents

These folders use 1.4GB space, yet backup is 17GB (fresh). I see it picked up AppData folder among a few others. Is this a bug or misconfigured system?

“Allow client-side changing of the directories to backup:” is unchecked, as is “Allow client-side changing of settings:”. I will monitor how this goes but I still would like some input, maybe I’m not the only one seeing this.

You can set directories and/or files you do not want to be backed up in the excluded files section. Most of the time, clients will come packaged with exclusion lists - at least with the newer version installs.

Are you sure that both the Documents and Desktop folders do not have something that would backup a file like AppData?

“Those locations are only the default locations. Even if you check “Separate settings for this client” and disable “Allow client to change settings”, once the client modified the paths, changes in this field are not used by the client any more.” - UrBackup Administration Manual 8.3.4

Oh damn… I changed settings on the client before changing them on the server, will have to clear that and test then. Thanks for the hint!