Backup Outlook files only


Can anyone help me with a situation: I need to backup all users’ outlook files on a computer.

In the “Included files (with wildcards)” i entry the following: C:\Users:\Documents\Outlook files*, but when running the backup I get the following error message:

“Hint: Directory to backup (“C:\Usuários*\Documentos”) does not exist. It may have been deleted or renamed. Set the “optional” directory flag if you do not want backups to fail if directories are missing.”

I appreciate who can help me.

Can u share the screenshot of what is configured for backup.

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This is the config:

Included files (with wildcards): *.pst
Default directories to backup: Enter the path of pst files here.

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I configured as follows:

Now I got the following error:

Whats the latest update ??

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With the same configuration, it looks like this now:

Default directories to backup: C:\Users\Documents\Outlook files*
Path does not seems to right.
After Users we have 2 slashes.
Re-verify the path and enter the correct path and no need to give * at the end.
Example: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Outlook files

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The full path with the username works, however I need to get it from all the user folders on the machines. The computers are part of the active directory and several users use the same machines, both with email configured.

Default directories to backup: C:\Users*\Documents\Outlook files
Default directories to backup: C:\Users
Included files: *.pst

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Default directories to backup: C:\Users*\Documents\Outlook files
Included files: *.pst

Default directories to backup: C:\Users (* cannot be used, as wild cards are not supported)
Included files: *.pst

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In our environment we move the default location of PST to D:\Offical_Data directory and no errors for us.
you can give it a try and let us know.

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Unsuccessful, unfortunately

“C:\Users:\Documents*” as it is in the documentation doesn’t seem to work.
I still can’t configure the path to backup only the Outlook folders of computer users.