Backup on diferent Drives

Hi, i am trying urbackup and i want to know if is posible to setup diferent destination drives to do the backup, for example if i want to backup the server in the E: drive and backup the PCs in the F: Drive.
Another question is if is posible to set a time to launch de backup process.
Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me.

No it’s not possible.

The second thing can be done with the backup window:

Hi, i see de Backup Window feature a few minutes after post my question. Thanks for the quick reply.
Do you think will add new features like backup in diferent drives or even in different backup server, in a new version of the software? I think that will be very usefull, for example if the total size of incremental and full backups of images and files is over the capacity of the backup disk (let say 500GB or 1TB) will be necesary 2 o more disks.
For everything else, i think that Urbackup is a great software, simple, fast and with a lot of potential.

In that case I think it’s more practical to build a RAID. That way you can also have redundancy if you want to (and add drives without hassle whenever you want to). If you have a lot of drives they are guaranteed to fail at some point anyway. Windows has software raid btw.

It’s already possible to backup to multiple/different servers. You may just have to configure it a little bit.

When you say “configure a litle bit”, you mean configure at software level, i must change some configuration file? or at sourcecode level? I’m a little rusty for programming but I can check to see what I can do :-p
I don’t think the RAID is a good idea for backup systems, but i gonna search more information about that.
Thanks again

No look e.g. at the first FAQ entry:

By modifiying that server_idents.txt file you can configure which backup servers to use.