Backup of windows components

I’m running urbackup server 2.5.28 on a Ubuntu 20.04.
The client is 2.5.23 on a Windows server 2019.

On this server we’re running a few MS sql databases.

By using the built in function to backup windows components there was no issues to setup the backup.
However, after the first initial backup there have been no more backups of windows components after that.

I have setup to make an incremental file backup every day but that doesn’t seem to trigger a windows components backup.

I also just tried to do a full backup but that didn’t trigger it either.

Where do I adjust the schedule for windows components?

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same problem for me …
actually since upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5 I have no more component backup …

I still have no news on how to fix this. Is it perhaps only possible to run the windows components backups as full backups?
I now also have a couple of Hyper-V guests to backup and we’re not able to use urbackup for this.

Is there any news on this issue? I suffer from it too.