Backup of URBackup Databases (Feature Request?)


So I had a major power outage causing major disk corruption, URBackup server was affected. So I restored a full backup of the server itself but the databases were apparently corrupted (somehow) and the backup that URBackup makes (the backup and it’s underlying file system was not corrupted) has several 50MB files that SQLite says are empty.

I am working on restoring everything from snapshots at this point and doing manual SQLite dump-and-rebuilds (the 22GB backup_server_files.db has been affected by the corruption).

My question (or feature request) would be: how do I make sure that URBackup Server
a) Makes proper backups of it’s own databases - it doesn’t seem to check for errors on backup
b) Does some sort of versioning on it’s own backup files
c) Does integrity checks during it’s regular maintenance of it’s own databases and does not backup corrupted databases.

I had tested everything before as far as restore is concerned, it worked, however I didn’t note that URBackup doesn’t make a versioned backup of itself like it does for it’s clients. Perhaps instead of just shuttling binary files, it should make a dump?


In Windows, the DB files are in: %Installation Path%\UrBackupServer\urbackup | Installation Path is usually C:\Program Files

In Linux, I think it is like /var/urbackup?

Those get backed up to your Backup Location, under urbackup. (/path/to/backup/location/urbackup)


Yes, that is correct, that was enabled, in my case however URbackup backed up a set of corrupted databases and thus the backup of the databases was also corrupt, to my great astonishment, there was no versioning (eg. dated directories) of the server database like is the case with the clients.


Ah, I see what you are getting at.

Yeah, I would be totally for having dated databases. Have a retention policy similar to the file/image backups where you can determine how many backups you want to keep and when you want to back up the DB.


Note that it does do a proper backup. If it doesn’t, please add version info and other details as described in Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting .

It even does a integrity check before it backs up the database. Of course this does not check everything. If you use disks/storage controllers which corrupt data run it on file systems such ZFS or btrfs which do detect corruption and can correct it.

If you want versioned backups, or have a larger database, the usual advice is to install the UrBackup client on the server itself and configure it to backup the database.