Backup my servers during the night


I would like backup my Windows server during the night because my internet speed up is to slow (I use Linux server for URBackup). It is necessary that the backup stops in the morning from 8am so that I can use my internet connection.

The backups may take several days to complete. They should resume after the last stop.

Is it possible to manage the Time Slot for Sart / Stop or what is the best solution ?

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This is my schedule:

Also, you can add shell scripts to perform ufw lock/unlock communication for urbackup service on the same server. Logic as an example: deny rule apply on 8:00AM and delete and apply allow rule on 6:00PM.

You can also throttle it down during the day. See 8.1.13 Total max backup speed for local network (you can input this in any speed field)

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Is it possible to manage the upload speed on the client side ?

And how to write the speed limit in KBit/s ?

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Enter it in the client settings?

If it is in MBit/s you can use fractions. 1KBit/s is about 0.001 MBit/s…

Yes in the client settings.

How implement throttling for Internet backup server?