Backup migration to a new location


Trying to migrate existing backups to share on NAS.
Windows Server 2016,
UrBackup 2.4.11

Followed Admin Guide 10.8 and created a .txt named migrate_storage_to.txt and added network location of the folder. Copied .txt in C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup.
Network Folder has NTFS rights to Everyone and Share permissions to everyone.

According to the Admin Guide I should reboot the URbackup server and process would start, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

If I change the Backup storage patch to the network location I can backup succesfully, so I’m assuming that it is something to do with the migrate_storage_to.txt.

I have tried to Map the drive, and change location in the migrate_storage_to.txt, but without success.

urbackup.log has no relevant errors.

Where else can I look?

It doesn’t say anything about a txt extension, does it?

I apologise! My assuming lead me to problems.

It works now!
Thanks @uroni !

after migration Ill attempt to change the server as well. Not going to assume again.