Backup location unavailable

Newbe to UrBackup and Linux so be gentle–do know windows though… Trying to setup a NAS on a RaspberryPi 3+ with openmediavault as the OS. Installed UrBackup on the raspberrypi. When I set the path for the backup, I received the following error:

The directory where UrBackup will save backups is inaccessible. Please fix that by modifying this folder in ‘Settings’ or by giving UrBackup rights to access this directory. (err_folder_not_found). No such file or directory (code: 2)

Detailed error info:

Can access /
Cannot access /raspberrypi. No such file or directory (code: 2)
Cannot access /raspberrypi/backupA. No such file or directory (code: 2)

Pretty sure it is an permissions issue in openmediavault but I have spent a day and half trying to get it to work with no luck. The funny thing, I can backup to the Raspberrypi via Handybackup on our win server 2012 without problems. Running server 2.2.11 and client 2.2.6

for your new to linux skills to exercise:
ls -l
View read/write access permissions of files/folders
Change owner of folder/file
Change permissions of the Owner/Group/Other flags

Use -R as modifiers on last two to recursively modify owners/permissions. Google for specific command usage, and howto’s on linux ACL’s which are different and more limited than windows ACL’s

The question to ask is: What user is running Urbackup
Does that user have rwx, if not, does the group of the user have wrx. using other with rwx is the lazy man’s whoever you are do what you want to me permission (aka dangerous). Use other for testing only, then limit later