Backup keeps failing on Image backup because on some error writing VHD

On one computer, I keep getting errors on the image backup.

20:46:49: ERROR: VHD file is not large enough. Want to trim till 103430979584 but size is 103430384128
2017-02-01 20:46:49: ERROR: Error setting unused area (from byte 103430488064 to byte 103430979584). The operation completed successfully. (code: 0)
2017-02-01 20:46:51: ERROR: Backup failed

No other errors before that. Just these three messages and then it fails and starts over. Largest VHD (vhdz) file being written is just short of 23 GB. According to the web interface, the whole image will be a 93 GB backup. 2 TB Backup disc has 500 GB free space left. System disc has 79 out of 118 GB free space. The Windows event log shows no warnings or errors around the time of the failed backup.

Does anyone have a clue what is going wrong?

Which version are you using?

Server: UrBackup 2.0.38
Client: Urbackup Windows 2.0.36

The client disk probably got resized (grown). Could you try if a full backup fixes this?

Full image backup ran through without issue. Started an incremental image backup right away, will report back here in case there is another issue.

Incremental image backup completed without issues as well now.

Suggestion: After a resizing error, schedule a full backup next iso retrying the partial backup.

Thanks for your help!