Backup is not done

Hello friends,

My company is using urbackup software from a long time. But when I joined company i have a task to resolve the urbackup error.
Urbackup in client side is not taking backup I have tried all solutions given on google still I face this problem. I had re-install this backup many times even i have checked whether any folder with dot is there or not due which error is not still I didn’t find this error.

So Please provide me a proper solutions for this software.

What “exactly” is your problem?

There are logs as to why it cannot work; things like VSS not working, not being able to communicate with the server (timeouts), and things of that nature.

What is your error; what is your OS for your server and client; what backup is it not taking (image or file)?

Hello ,

Thanks for your reply. Actually the backup is not done there is no as such
The OS of server is server 2012 and the OS of client is windows 10 and in
some system it is window 8.
There is no as such logs in Urbackup it just showing no current backup. As
I am attaching image below.

Thanks & Regards
Prarthana Singh

Alright, second set of questions:

  1. What is your UrBackup version on both the client and server?
  2. After attempting to tell it to run, does anything show up in the C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup.log (Suggest Notepad++ to view this)
  3. It is showing to be communicating server-side right?

i found out if its the red icon, try renaming the client name and it should turn white if the server all up and working