Backup hangs while indexing


URBackup appears to be hanging at times while indexing. The environment is Windows 10 for server and client.
Client version: 2.2.6
Server version: 2.3.7

At the moment the client says that it is doing a full backup and is “indexing”, but there is no disk activity. It has been in this state for some hours. In the past we’ve recovered from this by killing both client and server, restarting server, restarting client, but surely there’s a better way to fix this?


Make sure you’re not having underlying disk problems (check SMART of your drives), and file system integrity checks: chkdsk, chkfs, disk utility etc.


Thanks, but both the source and destination disks are working fine for many other applications.


How did you check SMART?

I am constantly doing maintenance on “working fine” computers with failing bad sectors. When I ask them if they’ve seen the symptoms (freeze for 10-20 seconds, then keep going) they say oh yeah, but it’s been working fine.

Until you validate preliminary sources aren’t the problem you usually won’t get help with further troubleshooting (at least from me for free)


That’s all quite reasonable and I appreciate your suggestions. I tried something else first:

- deleted the client

- ran the "remove_unknown.bat" batch file

- updated the client software

- restarted

All appears to be working properly now.


Not sure why the resistance to running chkdsk though you specified Win 10 chkdsk /scan doesn’t even require a reboot unless it finds something that needs fixing.