Backup from one client always fails with exception during decryption

Server: 2.4.14
server os: Debian Bullseye
client: 2.4.11
Client os: Debian Testing

I’ve got a client which so far managed to do backups since years, but at once it always stops when sending the filelist. In the normal Logs it shows a timeout, but when activating debug logs, it shows some errors with decryption. The client continues the backup for a few minutes, until it notices, that the server already gave up…
See attached logfiles:
client.log (59.1 KB)
server.log (37.4 KB)

Would it be possible to capture the traffic with something like wireshark and send that?

sorry. not anymore. After writing the above entry, I-ve recompiled the client, and since then it is working. Unfortunately I haven’t got the old one around anymore, so I can-t test it with it and make sure, the recompilation solved the problem and it weren’t any other problems.