Backup fails when directory updated on client


I have been testing the new server 2.2.4 beta on linux but I don’t know if this issues is related to the new server or not. The server is running with a BTRFS file system. This is happening on two clients both exhibiting the same issue. The issue being
where a directory is updated on the host the following failure is reported.

In this case the directory on the client has been renamed from “/Servo/1.1.3/” to “/Servo/1.1.4/”. There is a folder and file structure below both paths, the names in that structure have not changed only the versions.

The only solution so far has been to run a full file backup but on one of the machines this takes a very long time and is not really a sustainable solution.

Any thoughts on a sustainable solution?

Found the cause. Weird that you are the only one having issues. This should affect all Linux/FreeBSD 2.4.x server beta users.