Backup failed: Script does not exist urbackup/post_full_filebackup

My initial full file backup fails with

12/01/20 19:21 DEBUG HT: Renaming file to “/backups/my-PC/201130-1938/C/temp/disklayout.txt”
12/01/20 19:21 INFO Waiting for metadata download stream to finish
12/01/20 19:21 DEBUG Not all folder metadata could be applied. Metadata was inconsistent.
12/01/20 19:21 INFO Writing new file list…
12/01/20 19:22 INFO All metadata was present
12/01/20 19:22 INFO Transferred 182.595 GB - Average speed: 34.1964 MBit/s
12/01/20 19:22 DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup/post_full_filebackup
12/01/20 19:22 ERROR FATAL: Backup failed because of disk problems (see previous messages)
12/01/20 19:22 INFO Time taken for backing up client my-PC: 22h 44m 28s
12/01/20 19:22 ERROR Backup failed

I’m running the official docker image, lastest, pulled yesterday. It is running on a synology NAS.

Here it seems to fail after the /post_full_filebackup file is not present in the mounted docker volume.
Maybe the startup script of the docker image could create those files?

No, that’s normal. The “DEBUG” level (not “ERROR” or “WARNING”) message is just saying UrBackup did not run any post full backup script because it didn’t find one. DEBUG messages are for the developer’s or administrator’s information, just as INFO messages are for the user’s information but otherwise do not indicate a problem. It is useful if you think you have a proper script but accidentally misspelled part of the name.

There should be other ERROR messages in your log referring to the “disk problems” mentioned in the backup failure message.

Ah, I was mislead by the “above” then.