Backup failed code 5 and not recognized by server

Hi everyone. Love the backup solution, great job.

We have a virtual drive for each client mounted as the client’s folder. Example, 500GB virtual drive mounted as x:\Backups\client_1, 200GB virtual drive mounted as x:\Backups\client_2, and so on.

Backups are actually working. I’ve verified this manually. Problems we’re having:

  • UrBackup doesn’t recognize that backups exist. Under “Status” the clients show “No recent backup”.
  • Logs show error “Syncing file system failed. Backup may not be completely on disk. Access is denied. (code: 5)”. I’ve researched and cannot figure out why this is coming up.
  • “Full file backup” run but no incremental. I’m thinking this is because UrBackup isn’t recognizing that there is a full backup already so it’s trying to create full backups in accordance to the settings. If I’m correct, this should fix itself once I correct the issues above.
  • Finally, have one client setup and backing up files. It’s also experiencing the code 5 error and UrBackup is not recognizing the backups on disk. In addition, the “File backup status” shows as “No path to backup configured” when there is a path configured and it is indeed backing up.

Any help you can provide to resolve the code 5 and so UrBackup recognizes the existing backups would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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