Backup external hard drive containing a VeraCrypt container


I have an (NTFS formatted) external hard drive which I use when I am on the go and would like to make backups of it. Unfortunately I came across the problem that Urbackup does not support backing up volumes that contain TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt containers due to Windows API problems with the encryption software.

Is there a way to exclude the VeraCrypt container from the external drive and to have the rest of the files backed up?
I tried adding it as an exclusion with the full path to the container file but I still receive the same error:

backupcom->AddToSnapshotSet(&(Server->ConvertToWchar(selected_vols[i])[0]), GUID_NULL, &additional_refs[i].volid) failed. VSS error code VSS_E_VOLUME_NOT_SUPPORTED

Is there a way around this? I would like to have the container be fully copied to the backup server through other means (rsync, scp, et cetera) and the remaining files to be backed up by Urbackup.

Is this a file backup or image backup?

The USB drive was configured as a file backup but I used the path to the USB drive itself (G:) where all files including the VeraCrypt container resides. As mentioned above, I tried excluding the VeraCrypt container from file backups.