Backup event based action customization


It would be a great addition to UrBackup the possibility to link a task execution to events generated by the backup itself (i.e. onBackupStart, onBackupEnd, onBackupArchive, onBackupDelete, etc.).
A rather easy but still working approch could be linking an external script and/or an external url (rest ?) and send to it all the info (including of course the event type) as arguments (and stdout for the script).

This simple update could allow to resolve several issues and to add new features like sending a sms when a backup ends with errors, archiving backup files into different storage etc…


For client side backup there are already a possibility to script and i think it s well documented
For server side, maybe you can do with the alert scripts (lua, need to run beta)

Yeah, see admin manual 6.4 Pre and post backup scripts on client and server

2.2 beta has the mentioned lua alerts/post backup scripts. I added a download(URL) method, but it is missing a post() function (waiting for someone to request it :wink: ).