Backup encryption at rest (Backup storage path)

I do not see that urbackups supports encryption of the stored data. This would be hugely helpful in many situations and possibly help further adoption of the product. There are many people (like me), who used CrashPlan to perform backups of clients to another machine that acted as the server. The data was encrypted not only in transit, but also stored encrypted. This allowed the setup of a VPS running the software to act as the cloud backup destination or the use of a computer at a location with questionable security as the stored data was encrypted. With urbackup storing the backed-up data unencrypted the backup server must be secured both physically and logically as it now contains unencrypted copies of every client backup.

Is this a feature on the roadmap or that can be added to the roadmap? Or are there any workarounds? I would love to adopt and promote the product.

If anyone reading this agrees that this would be a useful feature, please say so in a comment below.

Iā€™d suggest you visit the existing Feature request and upvote it some more, adding your own comment there.

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Thanks BB. New to the urbackup community, did not know that area existed.