Backup different directores to Internet

We are using Urbackup with excelent results during lasts years.
Now, we have a special need with 2 servers, one is local and the other is remote (Internet)
a- We need to backup client system disk image, and all data directories to local Urbackup server.
b- And to backup only 1 data directory to remote server.

We can’t make backup of all data files to Internet because of remote disk space, but we need to have off-sitea copy of database files.

We configured the client not to allow configuration or select directories to backup on both servers
Then we configured the local server to accept image backups, and to backup e:\directory
And the remote server is configured to not accept image backups, and to backup e:\Database\backup directory.

The client connects to both servers, and half of the times, it behaves as expected, but sometimes it tries to copy full e:\ to Internet, and only the reduced set (e:\Database\backup directory ) to local.

The question is: How can I configure servers and client to backup different data set to each server?

Thanks in advance.