Backup didnt start

for some testing i installed the Server Core on my Laptop and also the Client. I configured the Client and Server to 7 pm to 7:15 pm and at this time the full Image doestn start.
In Server Webinterface the Client is Online but it doesnt start.

So at home i configured client to backup but this client doestn backup too. Also it doestn show it on Webinterface.

Note: I have the same IP Range as the Clients and the Firewall is set correctly. Also from all clients i can access the Webinterface from server!

Hopefully someone could help me



some questions to pinpoint the problem:

  • Did I understand correctly that client and server are on the same machine? (This is not a problem) Or do you have more than one server?
  • Can you please post the backup windows as you entered it on the client/web interface?
  • Did it ever do a backup, or did it only stop when you configured the window?
  • Does the Status in Status->“Show Details” say anything other than “ok”?

Sorry you have such problems!


yes its that same machine…

server logs are emty

Backup status
Computer name Last seen Last file backup Last image backup File backup status Image backup status
Matthias 2012-03-23 14:58 Never Never No recent backup No recent backup

The Backup doestn work since the first time…

Here the Picture:

I looked at it and I see no problem.

Going forward it would be nice if you can pinpoint the problem, by e.g. uninstalling and reinstalling both the client and server and then checking if it works. This would then indicate that e.g. the backup window setting is causing the problem. If you plug that back in it would stop working.

The other issue with the undetected client is usually really a firewall issue. Since Vista Windows has separate settings for public/home and the installer may add the rule to the wrong one. This can be verified by disabling the firewall for a short amount of time. You already said it’s not the firewall but it’s the only thing I can image that can go wrong there i.e. if the client does not appear in the detailed status view.

so go on, i removed the client and the server and re-installed it but the Backup didnt start too.
The strange thing about it the client doesnt update the status in UrBackup Server. The Lasst seen option is unchanged since yesterday. For my acknowledgement the client update every hour this Last Seen field.
Maybe the communication between client and server doestn work. Note that the Firewall was disabled since the laptop have do to backup.

Maybe if someone interesseted i can start an Teamviewer-Meeting…

So i found a debug file in Client folder…


03/24/12 08:42:32: WARNING: Upgrading…
03/24/12 08:42:32: ERROR: Error preparing Query [SELECT tvalue FROM misc WHERE tkey=‘db_version’]: no such table: misc
03/24/12 08:44:37: ERROR: CUDPThread exited.
03/24/12 16:14:43: ERROR: CUDPThread exited.

works now on my Laptop, i copied the server_ident.reg and server_token.reg to client directory. I think it was a stupid newbie failure…

So I do the same on my othe pc that is avaibable on network but the server rejected it. Does someone has an answer why ?

The rejection issue is probably caused by reinstalling the server. (Server identity changed) See first FAQ entry
So it should be fixed by either reinstalling the server rejecting client (uninstall+install) or deleting the server_ident.txt in C:\Program files\UrBackup and restarting the UrBackup Client Service.

I’ll change the rejection behaviour to something more user friendly in the future. It is for security reasons. Otherwise you could download files from the clients if you know how UrBackup works. See e.g. here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49 .