Backup current user profile

I want to backup only the profile of the connected user ? I tried to configure the path c:\users and add the variable %username% but it didn’t work.

Can you help me ?

I don’t know a way to do what you’re asking for either. Since what you tried fails configuring the windows environment variable %USERPROFILE% is likely to fail also.

I couldn’t tell you if that’s because UrBackup doesn’t interpret the variables, or if the fact it runs under the SYSTEM account causes it to try to back up SYSTEM’s non-existent profile data though.

In the latter case there might be some mileage in seeing if you can start it per user to run in that users account at logon, there may then be issues if more than one user is logged on though, even if that approach can be made to work at all.

A better approach may be simply to backup C:\Users Since nothing will change for logged off users, it shouldn’t result in masses of extra traffic, or at least not in internet mode. That has the advantage of catching changes to files made by users who edited or saved things and logged off after the last backup ran.