Backup configuration

I want keep the backups everyday but should be delete each three days y keep the first of each month,

help me please

Do you want only full backups? Only once per day?

UrBackup supports a far more flexible and efficient backup scheme by default.

Is there any reason why you need to limit the backups to what you have described? Usually, backup requirements establish a minimal level of backup to achieve.

How long do you need to keep that monthly backup?

You can review the scheduling options that UrBackup offers here (UrBackup - Server administration manual), but I would say that this is not the tool you probably want to use for the config you are attempting.

I would rather do the following:

  • Set full backups to every 30 days
  • Set incremental backups to every 4 hours
  • Set min and max full backups to 1 and 6
  • Set min and max incremental backups to 6 and 18

This will leave you with the last three days of backups (sort of), and ~6 months of roughly monthly full backups.

Sure, it doesn’t look like the traditional way of doing what you asked (because this tool works differently from many traditional backups), but in my experience with UrBackup, it is way more flexible, and with dedupe functionality, it will take up less space and all of the backups after the very first one will be pretty fast.

If you want less than 6 months of full backups, change that max setting for the full backups to something else.

You could also attempt to do something involving only full backups, and not incremental backups, but it would (in my opinion) be harder to structure the deletions while keeping the “first of the month” backup. I would favor the previous suggestion instead.

Hope this helps.