Backup config with SQL backup components

If config urbu to backup sql components and a sset of dirs.

it looks to have backed up the mdf and ldf files for the select dbs, but doesnt backup the folders.


Creating symlink at “\myserver3\common\scottsco\urbackup_test\RSG-IT-PLTJWS1\220517-0924\windows_components\00000004_SqlServerWriter\00000003_JWSDATA1\files00000000” to “.symlink_SqlServerWriter_{A65FAA63-5EA8-4EBC-9DBD-A0C4DB26912A}_494c17354c7529984cacd3cca181963a_JWSDATA1_files00000000” failed. The file or directory is not a reparse point. (errorcode=4390)

If i uncheck sql writer components to backup, then it backs up the folders on the computer.

any thoughts on this?